About Hospital

Dr. Vasavi’s Hospital is a center for gynaecology and obstetrics providing the best healthcare services with world-class equipment in the facility, holding a panel of qualified, certified and experienced doctors available, working ceaselessly, and transforming lives into better ones with their expertise.

We ensure women get the best treatment at our facility with all the services required along with the excellence, dedication and commitment. Our team of gynaecologists handles high risk and complicated cases every single day and the facility built by Dr. Vasavi has a fostered environment throughout.

We handle complicated pregnancies flawlessly as we are equipped with neonatal intensive care to handle premature babies. We offer a complete pregnancy care package for women and always aspire to be a finest gynaecology services provider in the state with a prime focus on the perfect deliverance.

Treatment and services @ Dr. Vasavi’s Hospital

At our facility, we provide treatment for

  • High risk pregnancies
  • Fallopian tube blockage clearance
  • Gynaec cancer management
  • Tubectomy
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Myomectomy
  • Ectopic pregnancies
  • Caesarian section
  • PCOS or PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Ovarian Cystectomy
  • Post Menopausal bleeding
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleed
  • Hysterectomy

We quote “Dr. Vasavi’s Hospital is a facility where superlative equipment meets human expertise”

Facility expertise

  • HEPA filters fitted Operation theatres ensuring an sterile environment
  • Multi para monitors
  • Valley Lab Cautery
  • Adult ICU with ventilator facility
  • Neonatal emergencies and Transport services
  • Sequential venous pumps
  • Equipment for handling postoperative procedures

We also perform laparoscopic Gynaec surgeries

  • Laparoscopic Ovarian Cyst Removal
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Ovarian Cyst Removal

Ovarian cyst removal is a surgery to any cysts from one or both the ovaries. It is procedure, which involves a minor procedure with surgical equipments, procedure is performed with a small incision is made and with some specialized tools designed for such surgeries with great precision control.

An ovarian cyst is removed id removed due to

  • It could be cancerous
  • If the size of a cyst is 2.5 inches in diameter
  • A solid form
  • Causing pain

A cyst could lead to many complications if ignored, and the complication could lead to

  • Infection
  • Internal bleeding
  • Infertility
  • Blood clots
  • Damage to other internal organs

At our facility we treat such conditions very great care and our primary physical examination will test out the results later which we review for medication accordingly followed by are the blood tests, urine tests, CT Scan, Ultrasound and Electrocardiogram and we assure our patients the best services from our end.

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is a procedure, which offers woman a option which is very less persistent than other surgical procedures. This is a advanced laparoscopic procedure which is also well known as Keyhole surgery. At present with the more advanced technology, small incisions are made and the gall bladders are removed. Hysterectomy is a procedure which do not need any incisions in the abdomen but however if the uterus is enlarged then it would be difficult situation.

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is a full-scale visualization of the pelvis at the time of the whole procedure and this procedure can change the difficult procedure to a safer mode operation. At the end of the operation, doctor check for the bleeding and any other complications provide treatment.

At our facility, we are always ready to operate and handle such situation; our experience doctor’s panel provides best treatments, which ensure the safety of the duo. We are equipped with excellent medical and surgical furnishings.

Our certified physicians and professionals are dedicated in providing the best medical care for women at our facility. We also offer lab tests for patients at our facility along with ultrasound procedures and all other diagnostics needed to perform a surgery and other surgical procedures.

Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy

There are two methods in hysterectomy procedures; the regular vaginal hysterectomy is the procedure, which is performed through abdominal routes, which is followed by a postoperative pain, and hospitalization is required for a longer durations. As per the advances in technology, the Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy is introduced in the gynaecology field.

Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy is a surgical course of action using the laparoscope to channel the removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries if necessary through the vagina. This procedure is entirely performed using a laparoscope and surgical equipment which are inserted though the vagina and through small incisions which are made within.


The incisions are very small relatively in the whole procedure, the scars, pain and the recovery time from the laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy is very less compared to other procedures. This is a very feasible procedure and has distinct advantages and it can allow vaginal hysterectomy too who have not had children.

As this procedure needs an inpatient stay and continuous monitoring, our doctors take good care such cases and monitor patient round the clock. The hospital stay is relatively less, so the patients do not have to worry about these conditions.

Our advice to Women, consult a Gynaec for diagnosis when faced any abnormal problems or unseen condition. At our facility, we provide the best treatment in a completely sterile condition along with the doctors’ expertise and finest treatment provided by our panel.