Dr. M.Vasavi Reddy

Dr. M.Vasavi Reddy, MBBS, MS OBG & GYNAEC is working in the field of gynaecology creating a better life for patients. Her list of illustrious experience holds testament to her capability

  • Fellow in Reproductive Medicine (Infertility) FOGSI, ICOG, Chennai
  • Embryology Fellow at CREST, NUH, Singapore.

Dr. Vasavi Reddy MBBS, MS OBG & GYNAEC is a reputable gynecologist delivering the highest care with the state of the art equipment and technology in Dr. Vasavi’s Hospital with a human touch and clinical excellence and well being of patients.

The initiative behind the inception of this facility is to provide excellent healthcare services at very affordable costs with a relentless emphasis of quality assured services, treatment, and excellence in services along with empathy and esteem.

We always believe that every woman deserves the best Gynaec care and always go an extra mile to help our patients. At our facility, we are fully functional and capable of handling, diagnosing and treating the abnormality effectively through our advanced techniques, technology and timing.

At Dr Vasavi’s Hospital, we believe in the old age idea of being ”Centre for Fertility and Birth”. We work all around the clock to provide the best programme in both gynaecology and obstetrics, for prevention and early detection of disorders. Our well driven and successful idea of all round care is devised on the idea of giving full protection and health care to the women. Based out of Warangal, we seek to provide the best environment for overall benefit and well-being of the patient.


Delivering the highest care with the aid of state-of-art technologies with a human touch with unprecedented attention to clinical excellence, safety and well-being of patients.


We aspire to be a leader in treating problems with care backed by innovation. Top notch medical professionals providing a 24/7 * for the well round care of patients. We aim to become a centre point of medical care in Telangana for medical care in the field of Laparoscopy, Fertility and Gynaecology.

Our Values

1. Honesty
Taking every task with attention and focussed to details and ethical honesty is our driving force.
2. Excellence
Bringing medical expertise and undivided attention, we strive to give the best every single day.
3. Attention
You get our undivided attention and focus while we work together to provide the best medical care.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to providing quality care and affordable medical treatment to our patients. We always seek to improve our intellectual and physical resources, all in the pursuit of providing the best healthcare services to the people.

Clinical Services

Providing a wide range of medical services for the people of Warangal is the ultimate goal and destination of Dr Vasavi’s Hospital. Handling the care and health with a precise medical knowledge and a human touch is the cornerstone of the Dr Vasavi’s Hospital.