Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination well known as IUI is a fertility treatment involving the sperm placement in woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization within. The decisive goal of this course of action is to augment the count, which is the amount of sperm that contacts the fallopian tubes attaining an increase in chances of fertilization.  IUI provide a head start to sperm to attain and fertilize the egg. This particular treatment is less and invasive and affordable option compared too many expensive procedures.

IUI procedure is to treat below-mentioned conditions:

  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Hostile Cervical condition
  • Cervical scar tissue disorder hindering the sperm to enter the uterus
  • Ejaculation Dysfunctioning

IUI procedure

Before the procedure, ovulation-stimulating medications are given and monitoring will be in place to determine when the eggs are mature. This procedure is performed during ovulation, which will be about 24-36 hours after the surge in LH hormone that indicates the ovulation will be in place any moment. This process maximizes the number of sperm cells, which are placed in the uterus resulting increase in possibility of conception, and the entire procedure takes only few minutes involving minimal discomfort. We ensure a safe procedure and positive results.