Laparoscopic Myomectomy (Fibroid)

A myomectomy removes fibroids while leaving the uterus intact in order to maintain fertility. Doctors all over the world are advocating the usage of Laparoscopic myomectomy for it involves the doctors cutting 2 small incisions. This is operated on the women patients who have symptomatic fibroids and do not want a hysterectomy. The laparoscopic myomectomy makes it possible for the removal of small to large fibroids with small incisions.

Benefits of the Laparoscopic Myomectomy:

  • Fast recovery
  • Shorter post-operative stay
  • Reduced scarring from the surgery
  • Small incisions compared to the open surgery

Aim of the Surgery:

Laparoscopic myomectomy (fibroid) is undertaken by the doctors for the fertility of the women. If maintaining the fertility of the women is the core concern for doctors and patients, then the myomectomy is the preferred operative medium.  The main reason myomectomy is advocated by the doctors is the preservation the uterus for pregnancy, or to remove fibroids that are hindrance in the woman quest to become pregnant. This procedure is taken as an option when the largest fibroid is less than 10cm in size and the total no of fibroids is less than 5. The doctors will initiate the surgery by making a small incision near the bellybutton. The laparoscope is a narrow tube fitted with a camera into the abdomen for viewing it. The surgeon will perform the operation with the aid of instruments inserted through the other incisions undertaken in the abdominal wall.

Laparoscopy gives the patients less pain, lose less blood and quick return to normalcy with fast discharge as the reasons for becoming one of the preferred medium of surgery.