Sling surgery uterine prolapse

It is vaginal sling procedure, which helps control the stress urinary incontinence. It is a procedure, which is called pubovaginal sling procedure, it is a surgery used to treat incontinence in women and in order to treat this condition, and this procedure involves usage of different material such as

  • Tissue from your body
  • Cadaver tissue
  • Tissue from a pig or cow
  • Man-made material known as mesh

This is a condition, which explains the inability in controlling the urine within the bladder; this condition leads to the leakage. In this treatment procedure, our doctors will use the above-mentioned pieces of tissues to make a sling around your urethra. This procedure is conducted under the influence of anesthesia, with the spinal anesthesia, the lower half of the body is numb, and you feel no pain.