There has been rapid evolution in the world of fertility science, one can sit back and wonder at the pace of medicinal breakthrough. Nowadays, doctors can simply inject a single, tiny sperm directly into an egg during a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Important pointers about ICSI:

The process takes place during the IVF process itself and is specially advised for the couples facing the problems of the Male infertility or encountered problems with the IVF.  Let’s take a look at the critical 5 steps of the ICSI process:

  • Doctors will take a sperm sample from your partner’s semen or from his testes or epididymis.
  • Doctors will surgically egg extract from the ovaries.
  • Using a tiny hollow needle, the doctors will inject a sperm into an egg.
  • After injection, the fertilized egg is observed for growth and development.
  • After the doctors have observed the regular growth of the embryos, the embryo will be embedded into your uterus where it will grow.

The science behind the idea:

The ICSI procedure is performed by the doctors who implement a technique called micromanipulation. Micromanipulation takes the help of a special microscope, along with minute surgical tools, to pick up and handle one single sperm, thus injecting it directly into an egg.

Benefits of the surgery:

  • Eliminates male infertility prognosis.
  • The surgery is successful even when the men is suffering from the Low sperm count.
  • It will be successful where IVF failed in the pursuit of a child.
  • Desire for pregnancy after vasectomy.

Source of Delight for the world:

Assisted reproductive technology fertility treatments is seeing an upturn in the scope of help it is giving for the couples across the world. A technique allowing a single sperm to fertilize the eggs is a source of happy news for the childless couples. Infertility is not deemed to be a hindrance in the pursuit of children for we have the latest medical technology available for the infertility couples.